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Mistress Schari received her complete Covid-19 Vaccination in Feb. 2021; Boosted in Sept. 2021 and again in Sept. 2022.

I hope everyone has stayed safe and in good health. Safety has always been and will continue to be the most important aspect of meeting with my valued clients. Since in-person sessions/consultations CANNOT maintain a 6 foot social distance; for both of our protection, additional safety guidelines and practices are listed below:

Standards to which I have always adhered by and continue to expect my clients to follow can be found by clicking here, additional standards in light of the current health crisis are:

  • All clients must practice good healthy hygiene and if at all possible shower BEFORE you come out for our appointment. Please refrain from wearing colognes/perfumes and/or body sprays if you can.
  • Please refrain from bringing ANY equipment from your home, with the exception of your own blindfold, gloves, mask, and personal restraints.
  • Please leave extraneous items i.e. backpacks, briefcases, food (except a water bottle), and any other unnecessary items in your car.
  • Please come alone to your session, if anyone drives you or just comes to say hello, they will be asked to remain outside.
  • Contactless electronic payment options are available, in lieu of cash payments.
  • Please check your temperature before you meet with me.
  • Please reschedule your session if you've experienced symptoms within the last 14 days:
  1.  You have had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
  2. You have symptoms OTHER than known seasonal allergies.
  3. You have been exposed to someone with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infection or person under investigation for COVID-19.
  4. You have a member of your household who is ill.
  5. You have been to any state or country currently considered a hotspot and thereby requiring you to quarantine for 14 days as a result of your travel.

Current Safety Precautions:

  1. Cleans non-equipment items & surfaces with disinfectant wipes, vacuum carpets, and dusts wall fixtures and decor at the start and end of each day.
  2. Sanitizes equipment and tools after every session.
  3. Uses disposable gloves during all or most of each session.
  4. Uses of disposable blindfolds.
  5. Condoms on all toys.
  6. Benches and seats are covered with towels that are laundered after each session.
  7. Follows all existing and evolving sanitation and safety guidelines for needle-play.
  8. As always participants are encouraged to bring many of their own implements and/or toys to use.

Precautions That Will Be Added:

  1. All non-equipment, surfaces, floors, fixtures, and decor will be disinfected, cleaned, and vacuumed following each and every appointment.
  2. Equipment and tools will be sanitized BEFORE and AFTER each session.
  3. Disposable gloves will be worn by me for the entire length of each session.
  4. Disposable masks will be made available.
  5. Condoms on ALL toys and exposed genitalia.
  6. Benches, tables, and seats will first be lined with sanitation paper then a towel if necessary.
  7. NO needle-play or blood-play of any kind whatsoever.
  8. Any participants who like to "dress-up" MUST bring ALL of their own clothing, make-up, wigs, shoes, & accessories.

Precautions I MAY Add:

  1. I may take your temperature, if you have not.
  2. Require you to wear a mask and/or gloves.
  3. I may reschedule for 14 days later, if I am unable to meet any of my own guidelines.
  4. I may refuse to meet with you if you show up having NOT met any of these guidelines, at your expense.

Parties & Classes:

  1. All attendees should be vaccinated, but not required, unless necessary.
  2. I must be able to maintain a 6 foot distance from audience, because I speak without a mask on for better clarity.
  3. Products WILL NOT be passed around, however at the end of each event, there will be safe methods for sampling products with smells & tastes..

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

  1. I live with both a First Responder, and an essential worker.
  2. I would much rather meet with my clients, then not. Social distancing is no fun for an extrovert.
  3. My Wharton (Morris County) location is a private residential town home of 3 floors (no elevator). My session dungeon is a dedicated newly- constructed 30' x 20' basement that is fully equipped, 8'-9' ceilings throughout, a guest bathroom, excellent ventilation, private entrance, plenty of street parking, a driveway and a private garage if needed.. I can also guarantee that cleanliness and sanitation are maintained daily. There are 3 cats in residence at Mischief Manor, however they are prohibited in ALL of Mistress Schari's play spaces. NOW OPEN AS OF JULY 15, 2022.
  4. My North Brunswick location is NOW CLOSED.