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  • Mischief Manor is located in a PRIVATE townhouse in Wharton, NJ.
  • Mistress Schari's sub lives in residence. The address is not listed publicly for this reason.
  • Ground floor front door entrance next to a one-car driveway. 
  • Plenty of off-street parking.
  • Outdoor balcony is 420 friendly.
  • Conveniently located near Routes 80, 46, 287, and 15.
  • Note: There are 3 cats in residence, however M. Schari's play areas are kept pet free.

Pro-Domme Dungeon

  • Mistress Schari has a 30' X 20' fully equipped basement for her own use.
  • Sessions are by appointment only, tributes are by the hour, and will require a pre-paid deposit.
  • Equipment includes a St. Andrew's Cross, several spanking benches, 2 large stand-up cages, puppy crate, stockade, waxing station, and more.
  • Welcome area on the ground floor; additional play area in the fantasy-themed bedroom on the 2nd floor.
  • Visiting Domme services not offered at this time.
  • Complete Session Application here.
  • Picture of Dungeon


  • Mistress Schari will be teaching her signature classes one weekend every month.
  • Mischief Manor will also play host to a variety of educators and themes.
  • M. Schari will also lead a quarterly Pure Romance Party for ALL genders (toys and intimacy products).
  • Classes are beginning in September, and may include: aphrodisiac inspired cooking, belly-dancing, erotic massage, rope play for all levels, mental sadism, and aftercare to name a few; view schedule here.


  • Once a month The Manor will open up for lifestyle parties.
  • The current plan is to have an LGBTQIA+ Themed party on Friday night and a Lifestyle party on Saturday night.
  • Saturday parties will feature complementary 20-30 minute demo/teaser classes at the start when available.
  • Upcoming demos planned are  belly-dancing, pole-dancing, reiki, basic rope, sensual sado-masochism and much more.
  • All attendees MUST be vetted before attending their first party. Vetting methods consist of (but not limited to): attending the Skyland's Munch, sessions w/Mistress Schari, meeting at another event, a personal invite from Mistress Schari or catnip,  or having a friend of The Manor, who has met you in person and can vouch for you.
  • All parties will have a modest tribute fee to enter to cover refreshments and professional cleaning before and after.
  • Many demos will be complementary, however additional fees may apply for specialized events.
  • At this time all events will close after 35 confirmed attendees is reached, unless otherwise stated.
  • PARTY and CLASS GUIDELINES can be found here.

  • MANOR RULES can be found here.

  • Our WRISTBAND POLICY can be found here.

  • Our VETTING POLICY can be found here.

  • Below are links to vetting forms for upcoming events


  • Do you have a dungeon in your house? Of course not! So come and rent mine!
  • Both the dungeon in the basement AND the fantasy-themed bedroom will be available to rent for your private playtime.
  • For now, private play rentals will be limited to couples and thrupples only (no more than 3 people at once).
  • The rooms will be available in 2-hour blocks, additional time may be added as well as a session with Mistress Schari or valet service with catnip_boi. Overnight rentals are not available at this time, this may change. Reserve your time with our request form here, or contact Mistress Schari directly at [email protected]
  • Rope & Romance Room: Our fantasy-themed bedroom features a custom-made 4-poster queen-size bed with 22 tie points, electric candles, a mirror, and a full bathroom. Suspension weight limit is limited to 250lbs.
  • Playtime Rentals further explained here.
  • Boudoir Photography Rentals: I am so excited to be able to offer room rentals for both Professional and Amateur Photographers. Still pictures only, NO VIDEO. Half-day and Full day rentals will be available. Make your request this form here, or contact Mistress Schari for more details at [email protected].
  • If you are an Instructor or Promoter in the lifestyle community and need a venue for your classes or small events, contact Mistress Schari at the email above.
  • Photography Rentals further explained here.
  • Picture of Dungeon
  • Picture of Rope & Romance Room

We Could Use Your Help!

Furnishing a dungeon is not easy.

Contact Mistress Schari if you'd like to:

1. Make a donation to improve our Manor.

2. Purchase new equipment and/or furniture.

3. Donate equipment you are no longer using as long as it is in good or better condition.

4. Offer your PROFESSIONAL CLEANING services. Please be a professional, experienced, reputable, serious,

     reliable, trustworthy, and preferably insured house cleaner. Please have your own transportation and bring

     your own cleaning supplies. You must have actual cleaning experience, THIS IS NOT A BARTER POSITION, we

     fully intend to pay for your professional services. We are not looking for a sissy maid or someone to offer to

    do it for free to participate in Manor activities. Ideally you will be available EITHER the 3rd Sunday or Monday

    each month, serious inquiries only please. Discretion is non-negotiable.

Contact Mistress at [email protected]

At this time we are NOT in need of any "personal time" donations or sissy-maids.